We are happy to offer the opportunity for you to start and host your own Baby Playgroup class anywhere around the Los Angeles area. Your steps to starting your own group are:

Step 1

Find at least 7 other infants/toddlers to start a new group (8 or more children total). Classes are capped at 12 for YB, and 10 for OB and Toddler classes. Twins count as one child, as they are offered a significant discount to their class fee.

STep 2

Decide who will “host” the class and its location.

Decide on a day of the week and a time of day for your group to meet.


Step 3

Once you have your 7 students in place, your host, your location, your day of the week, and your time of day, email us at with all your information.  We will need parent’s name, child’s name, phone number, and email address.  You may also call us at (626) 765-7047.

STep 4

Come to class ready to play!