The Baby Playgroup is a child enrichment program focused on cognitive development for infants and toddlers. 

Our Mission

To create a community that brings parents and children together to discover joy and wonder through sensory play.

Class descriptions

Younger Baby Classes  (YB)

These classes all start with stretching and end with infant massage. In the middle, we use multi-sensory cues to stimulate the brain to include visual tracking, audio tracking, gentle gross motor skills, music & movement, and vestibular activities. Much emphasis is placed on attachment and bonding and parent/caretaker – child interaction and communication. A lot of “sensory conditioning” happens in these beginning classes.   These are our youngest “brainy babies”!

Older Baby Classes (OB)

These are our new movers and shakers! In this class we pump up the stimuli just a tad, and start to introduce social learning activities. These classes include core activities, learning activities, and sensory activities. We start modeling independence, social learning, and circle time. Importance is placed on all the learning tools introduced in the younger baby class, but with an older baby “on-the-move” twist. No walkers please.

Toddler Classes (TOD)

These classes introduce responsibility with “Keys of Knowledge”. We start to practice more right brain/left brain activity based learning. We open and close the circle at every class and use our bodies! Gross motor activities are introduced as well as taking turns, sharing, and loving and kindness activities. There is a lot of social learning going on in these classes as well as some child directed activities. We build with our hands, feel with our feet, and explore with our minds. This class is appropriate for children 16 – 24 months and walking. No crawlers please. Children should be able to walk without assistance.


Full Sessions

8 Week Session .......... $200

Single Class/Day Pass ........... $25

Twins Single Class/Day Pass .......... $31